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Updated: Mar 23, 2023

BASS N BOATS EVENT #2 AT LAKE OKEECHOBEE 3/18/2023 & 3/19/2023

Congratulations, to Dustin Meneley & Robert Meneley winning event #2 at Bass N Boats a 2 Day event on Lake Okeechobee. Day 1 winners Scott Sims & Hunter Sims had a very small lead going into Day 2, but it would not hold up. Tim Troutt & alternate Stephen Lanigan took 2nd Place with a final weight of 27.40. 3rd Place went to Mike Hancock & Amanda Butler weighing in 25.04lbs catching 19.52lbs of the total weight on day 2. Cody Sims landed Big Fish Honors with a 7.02 lb. fatty. As teams started to find good fish on the second day of competition. Another great day on the water & thanks, to all who helped at the Event & our Sponsors Omnia Fishing, Bagley Baits, Marine & Tackle Warehouse, Bruiser Baits, & The Angler Magazine Okeechobee Edition. Next Stop Lake Kissimmee on 4/15/2023. Remember, Bass N Boats is still accepting members this season so sign up here today.

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